The Power of Instagram

Teenagers are still preferring Instagram and leaving facebook for the new trendy social network

The Power of Instagram

A network, continues Cánovas, also author of the blog Kids and Teens on Line, «perfect for guys accustomed to immortalize with their smartphones all as live, and where the privacy is relegated to a second flat before the need of relationship, acceptance and integration in the group». In any case, this expert warns that, to the margin of the issues relating to it security and privacy that can arise, is necessary work with them minor of age on two aspects in which many of them have entered to compete: the number of followers in their profiles, and the number of “Likes” or “I like” that get get in a photography. “These two issues are paramount in the relationship that children establish with the social network, and they are used as yardsticks to measure their level of success in the network,” he warns.

In this way, and if we look at the number of followers, the teen «instagramers» will not hesitate to accept followers who do not know, in order to increase their “popularity”. In fact, continues this expert, is very common, although one can generalize, the percentage of children accepting requests from followers who do not know, exceeding the 150-190 ‘purchase followers‘, which is considered the “Dunbar” number or the number of people with whom you can interact successfully in society. “They believe that they control because they have been those who have accepted the request of friendship, but in reality they do not know the majority of individuals or what they can do with their photos,” says Canovas.

Teens believe that the number of followers gives «category», according to the director of EducaLike, therefore, “a young man with 300 followers will be considered much more popular than another with only 35 followers. Similarly, a photograph that is “rewarded” by the Group of followers with 100 or 150 “Me Gusta”, will be more valued and a cause for great satisfaction to who made it. This factor stimulates automatically your brain, by strengthening their self-esteem and their level of acceptance», says this expert.

Narcissism is also store: «photos more Like receiving are not the pictures that come out alone / ACE, but photos from events, parties, activities or outputs group.» The mood always positive and cheerful is another constant, as it could not be otherwise».

This can occur, explains the psychologist Silvia Alava, because them teen «are much more sensitive to any assessment external, since is found in a time of restructuring brain and your self-concept, in full training». In fact, as says Cosette Franco Muñoz, co-founder video of method Mentoris, «there are too many minor that confuse the affection with the number of “I like” buy instagram likes that have in a photo of Instagram».

Canovas, however, what happens is that “some guys translate the”likes”with popularity, but if one day they receive only 8 likes feel fatal, to the point that arrive to remove the photo. «Prefer having less images hanging in the network but with more success among their followers».

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