Basketball Tips for Short Players

A hoop is more or less 10 feet tall from the ground. It is definitely not for short people… a short player of basketball can definitely dunk a hoop, but not as easily as a tall player would do.

They do it after a long period of trial and error. However, this does not mean that you need to worry about it or wait for too long to learn how to dunk that hoop like a pro.

In this guide, you will read a few very helpful tips on dunking the hoop with a short height.

So, If you play basketball and if you’re short (ain’t no shame in that), these basketball tips for short players will be life-changing for you.

Best Basketball Tips for Short Players

  1. Pay Attention to Dribbling

Basketball Tips for Short Players


Tall players can dunk a hoop easier than short ones. That’s the truth so let this sink in.

Acknowledge the reality with open arms, because there is something that you can do better than tall ones.

Everyone can dribble a ball! You can ace the art of dribbling and compensate for your inability to shoot the ball as good as tall players do.

  1. Invest in Your Kit

Basketball Tips for Short Players

Who says money cannot buy happiness?

It can buy Air Jordan for you… it is one of the best Nike sneakers with Nike Air capsules. Air means cushion and good cushion means good bouncing.

You’d bounce easily and thus you’d be able to reach a better height – and maybe dunk better than you do now.

A tall basketball player may or may not find the need (money?) for expensive basketball shoes/cushioning.

That is your opportunity to do something extra to compensate for where you’re at loss for something. The bounce that you can get with such a basketball shoe can definitely compensate for the few inches that you lack.

  1. Chest to Chest Contact

Short Players Basketball Tips-chest to chest


If you cannot enjoy all the benefits that a tall player can enjoy in a game where “goal post” is 10 feet high from the ground, another way of beating those tall players is to take their advantages away from them.

Don’t let them play… I’m serious about this.

Engage them, have a chest to chest contact, do not give them enough space to move… you might not believe this, but this will bother your tall defender.

Bothered and angry, they will lose focus and that will be your moment. Steal the ball and head to the hoop.

  1. Be the Marksman

Basketball Tips for Short Players-be the marksman

So what if you cannot be a shooter… Or you’re taking time to learn how to be a good shooter with a short height…

You can still do a lot on your team. You can be the marksman. Being a marksman makes one of the most important players in your team.

The shooter will look forward to you and the defending team will be at your mercy.


It is not difficult to be a short person and still playing basketball as an important player. Even if you cannot be the one who dunks the hoop, you can be the marksman and play a vital role.

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