How to Dribble Better in Basketball

How to Dribble Better in Basketball

It all starts with dribbling. If you can dribble you can play.

And dribbling is not enjoying when the ball bounces back and forth, and right and left.

It is the art of dodging the defenders until you find a suitable position to throw the ball.

Dunking the hoop is impossible and winning is a daydream if you do not know how to dribble better.

And this post is packed and loaded with the tips and hacks on how to dribble better in basketball.

Here you go:

How to Dribble Better in Basketball (4 Working Tips)

Dribble it Harder

Dribble it Harder- How to dribble better in Basketball

As I have explained in another post, the control on the ball is everything. You need to work on your wrist movement to make sure that it retains the control of the ball.

While dribbling, control on the ball is everything and this is not possible with soft dribbling. As long as the ball is in your hands, you have the control. So, dribble it harder to reduce the time balls stay in the air. This way you will control the ball – not your opponents.

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Dribble with Your Finger Pads

Dribble with Your Finger Pads

Remember, you have your entire hand to push the ball towards downward. Which part of the hand you use, makes the difference. Dribbling is a form of art.

If you do it with your palms, you will have to apply more force when you compare it with your fingers. Even with your fingers, you can easily do this only with you do it with your finger pads. They have the flexibility for a smooth push and you would not end up fracturing your fingers.

Keep Your Eyes Straight

Keep Your Eyes Straight to driblle better in basketball

Looking up, what is it raining?

Looking down – at the ball – what are you enjoying the game or you’re not sure that it will come back to the fingers that released it?

Look straight – right into the eyes of defenders because they are the ones eager to snatch that ball away from you.

Look at the defenders, be ready – actually anticipating their response and do know that a dribbler always knows where their ball will bounce back to.

You do not need to look at the ball. A brief… less than a second look at the ground is enough.

Your default position should be straight. This will save your neck muscles from the strain it might get from constantly looking down.

Keep it Low

Keep it Low- dribble better in basketball

While your head and your eyes should be straight, your body stance should be lower. Dribbling a ball is not all about your physicality or the game… it is a lot about gravity.

Yes, gravity.

In case you keep your body erect and straight, the ball will take a lot of time (and resistance) to come back to you. It will slow down and give your defenders enough time to steal it.

Reduce the distance between you and the ground to make sure that the ball does not have to wait for more than a second to come back to you. Catch it while it is young and while it can fight against gravity … do not make it wait for too long.

These 4 tips are enough for now. I will try and share more tips in our reviews.

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