How to Improve Basketball Shooting

When it comes to playing basketball, everything boils down to one and only one thing. Nothing is more important than a player’s ability to dunk the hoop with 100% accuracy.

It is not easy to shoot the basketball with accuracy… during training and playing, you must have noticed how easily we make a wrong judgment.

One moment we think that the ball will go straight through the hoop and the other moment we see it missing the hoop while it was just a kitten’s whisker away.

This post is about this problem and how you can solve it.

Here are some of the best tips to improve your basketball shooting.

Best Tips to Improve Your Basketball Shooting

  1. BEEF

get better at basketball shooting

Beef is packed and loaded with vitamins and nutrients that are essential for men. So, yes, eating beef may help you with shooting the basketball with power.

However, this is BEEF, not beef… it is a famous trick that seasoned basketball coaches always teach to their pupils.

BEEF is an acronym that means:

  • Balance
  • Elbow
  • Eyes, and
  • Follow-through

In simple words, while using this hack, you need to stay focused on the balance of your feet, make sure that your elbows are positioned accurately for the shoot, your eyes are set on the hoop and you follow when the ball leaves your hands and shoot off for the hoop.

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  1. Practice Shooting in a Loose Body Condition

basketball shooting tricks

This is an advanced tip…

No doubt that BEEF works, but it is a bit vague and it only tells you what to do. It does not much touch the whole “how to” thing.

This is where this method comes into play.

Follow these tips and learn how to practice shooting:

  • Leave your muscles loose and your body should be in a comfortable position
  • With bend knees and elbows you let your body be prepared to catch the ball in a position where you’d be ready to shoot it
  • While you’re ready to catch the ball and shoot it the moment you get it, choose for yourself a position in which you’d be able to do that easily.
  • For some people this position is right in front of the eyes, for some of them it is above the head and some people prefer to hold it one right or left side of the head.
  • Whichever position you choose, your shooting arm and hand should make a “C” shape and just like a trebuchet your hand should launch the ball towards the hoop.
  1. Elbow Drill

best tips to improve basketball shooting

This is another very effective method. Here is how you perfect your basketball shooting using this method:

  • Stand on one leg and practice balance and shooting
  • Switch the legs to practice both legs and to avoid unnecessary exertion
  • In that position (standing on either right or left leg), shoot that ball with both of your hands. Since balance is not your strong suit in this trick, you need to compensate with more power (both of your hands/arms)
  • Find a perfect shot pocket – as explained in method #2
  • Perfect this method by changing legs, shooting arm, shot pockets and different positions

So, how did you like these three methods to improve the basketball shooting? Do let us know in the comment box below.

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