How to Jump Higher in Basketball

How to Jump Higher in BasketballHey … psst … you still can’t dunk that hoop?

What? No? I thought you’d say you are doing it for a month or two?


I got no time to waste, so here are 5 life hacks for dunking a hoop – it doesn’t matter how high it is.

You wanna know how to jump higher in basketball? Follow these tips – number 3 is a quick-help tip.

You do not need to exercise if you want to dunk the hoop in your next tournament.

How to Jump Higher in Basketball

Exercise Is a Long-lasting Solution

How to Jump Higher in Basketball-exercise

I know, Among these 5 tips, there is this tip that does not require you to do any hard work or get into extensive exercises.

That one tip is at number 3 – but let us not forget that exercise is the way to go if you want to be able to dunk any hoop whenever you want.

Here is the best exercise for jumping higher in basketball:

  • Get a pair of dumbbells
  • Weight? Well, you choose as per your physical strength
  • Keep each of them on each side of your body
  • Hover your hands over them with your palms facing each other
  • Hold them and dive in a squat
  • Now jump just as high as you can
  • Land softly with bent knees
  • Repeat
  • How many reps? Well, you choose. But I suggest 8 reps
  • 2 minutes break
  • Repeat

Jumps Can Help

Jumps Can Help

Remember, it is all about jumps. It is one of those many things that you learn by doing them.

You learn driving by taking control of steering wheel and pedals – not by tirelessly looking at how your instructor does this.

So, jumps are the best way to learn and jump higher for basketball. But you need a strategy.

Follow this one:

  • Get two boxes or benches
  • Sit on the box or bench with your knees bent and easy
  • Without moving a lot, only by putting pressure on your feet propel yourself into the air
  • The aim should be to jump onto/land on the box or bench in front of you

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Buy a Basketball Shoe with Good Cushioning

Basketball Shoe with Good Cushioning

See! This is a life hack that does not require you to workout or jump a lot or do any physical thing. All you need to do is spend some money and buy the basketball shoe with the best cushioning.

Cushioning and traction are the two most important traits of basketball shoes. The cushion is added to allow the athlete to have a great bounce right after landing on the ground or to dunk the hoop.

Air Jordan 34 or any Nike show with Air capsule would do the job.


Jump higher with Steroids

Yup, The dirty secret of many athletes.

Well, don’t use it as long as you play for a club or any NBA team. This tip is only for those who play basketball for the fun of it.

So how do steroids help with jumping higher? It is exactly how they help with anything that demands physical exertion.

Your body needs energy for a jump – as a matter of fact, 30 jumping squats burn 100 calories. So, with steroids not only you’d be able to do more than 30 jumps without losing significant energy, but your jumps would also be higher.

This is it …

Not try all or any of these tips and go dunk that hoop bruh!!!

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