How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger

Spin a Basketball on Your FingerAdmit it!

It always feels good to spin a big ball on your finger.

Soccer, basketball or whatever it is … it is so much fun that even Lionel Messi loves to do this when he’s free.


As you might have noticed. This is not easy!

After a second or two, the ball loses its balance (actually you do) and falls down. Spinning the basketball is not only for fun.

It is a) the best exercise for your fingers that you use to dribble the same ball, and b) the best material for Instagram photos and fans.

So, here are the world’s best hacks on spinning a basketball.

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How to spin Basketball on your Finger (4 Working Tips)

Trim Your Nails

trim your nails

The first rule of learning to spin a ball is to trim the nails.

You cannot spin the ball with nails that belonged to a witch. As a matter of fact, you cannot even trim them to the last possible point.

Because that too is a wrong idea.

The idea condition to spin a ball is having slightly big nails – just a little bigger than the silhouette of flesh.

A finger-like this would be able to have a better balance and better grip on the ball.

Buy an Old Basketball

Spin Basketball - Buy an Old Basketball


Well, first of all, it is recommended so because a new ball is expensive and as the rule of thumb goes, everything that you need for practice should better be a used one.

You would not really mind using it the way you want.

You would practice vigorously and run faster because it’d be an old ball and you’d not feel compelled to handle it with care.

Second and the most important reason why you need an old ball is that the patterns, lines, and grooves on such a ball get worn down with the passage of time.

This makes it easier for your finger to find a balance and have a firm grip on the ball.


Exercise- spin basketball


Spinning a ball on your finger is a physical exercise of its own.

You spin the ball too quick or too hard, you might even fracture the damn finger.


Before you get into this exercise, you need to do some exercise to develop muscles and stamina for this.

You need to stretch your fingers and arm and try some minor weight-lifting before you do this.

Stretching the fingers is needed for another reason – you need a straight finger to do the spinning.

You can do that with a bent finger too – but that is the next level of this game.

Learn to Toss

Learn to Toss- how to spin basketball

The stage before you start spinning the ball is called tossing.

You need to toss the ball and it will land on your finger where you would spin it with a moving your finger in a circle.

To toss the ball, get it between both of your hands and toss in the air making sure that it goes high in a spinning movement.

When it comes down to the ground, you must have your finger ready to spin it.

I know:

Easier said than done!

However, this is all to explain how to spin the ball. You’d learn more by doing it

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