Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

What kind of basketball buff are you?

I mean if you’re someone who has just started playing basketball and who is concerned about their ankle (coz basketball tests your ankles a lot), you might not know whether you need ankle support or not.

And in case you’re a pro – you must be aware of sprained ankles and fractures and injuries that ankles sustain either due to a bad crossover or because of a bad landing right after dunking a hoop.

This blog post has got 10 best basketball shoes for ankle support and a guide to help you with picking your own pair of performers in case you’re not satisfied with our collection.

Here you go …

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2020 [TOP]

UA Lockdown 4: Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

You were expecting some Nike or Adidas sneakers, weren’t you? Well, we will review them as well, but UA Lockdown 4 has got some stunning features because of which I decided to review this sneaker before I reviewed others.

With tough rubber sole and multi-level adaption patterns on it, this sneaker provides you really good traction on any kind of court. Remember that when we talk about ankle support, it is not all about collar – a show with good cushioning and traction takes good care of ankles.

The other good thing about this shoe is exactly what you look for when you go shopping a good basketball sneaker with ample ankle support; the mid-level collar of this shoe has the kind of padding that gets ahold of your ankle – not softly, but firmly so as to not let it move freely.

While there is a little mesh on upper, most of the shoe is made of leather – if you prefer durability to breathability, you’d love this shoe. However, they made perforations to provide a little breathability.

The underfoot cushioning of this shoe gives you a low-to-the-ground court feel which is considered essential for good control on the court – this also helps you with your ‘save-the-ankles cause.

What we liked
  • Tough Rubber Sole
  • Court Feel Cushioning
  • Nice Ankle Support
  • Durable Construction
What We didn't like
  • Not much Breathable
  • Needs Breaking In


Air Jordan Legacy 312: Good Ankle Support

Here’s your first Nike sneaker – a high collar basketball shoe from Nike with so many qualities that you might want to buy it then and there.

For example, this shoe has a high collar with optimum padding. The kind of padding in the collar and the glossy leather material outside it, make it impossible for your ankle to get hurt or move a lot – which leads to fractures and injuries.

For those who care about aesthetics – this sneaker is a beautiful shoe that is not only made for a basketball court, but you can wear it to any casual/urban gathering.

In case you wonder, the word ‘Air’ in the name of this sneaker refers to cushioning. It has a small Zoom Air unit underneath the insole. Padding in the tongue and collar + Air unit makes it an amazing combo for anyone who’s looking to minimize the impact (absorb the shock) and maximize ankle support and comfort.

As for the outsole, it has got a tough rubber sole that is considered best for traction – it could’ve been better if it had a herringbone pattern on it (the best combo), but the multi-level circles and random patterns on it (with highly apparent grooves and ridges) do the job.

What we liked
  • Nike Air Cushioning
  • High Collar with Optimum Padding
  • Dual Lockdown Option
  • Highly Durable Shoe
What We didn't like
  • Very Unbreathable
  • Not Good for Wide Feet


Nike Kyrie 5: Affordable Ankle Support Shoes

These basketball shoes made by Nike were named after basketball legend and 2011’s rookie of the year Kyrie Irving.

I personally love them because while there are many colorways to choose from, this sneaker is capable to please all kind of basketball lovers. You can pick from a large variety of colors and materials.

This one is mostly made of nylon – the upper material, tongue, and collar minus the heel counter, are all made with Nylon which is a highly breathable and quick-dry material. A noticeable thing on Kyrie 5 is its dual-lockdown option: Flytrap.

Just like Flywire, the Flytrap is an overlay that goes through this shoe’s unique eyelets and connects the lacing system with the lower part of the shoe – as a result, when you cinch down the laces you get 2x the lockdown that you usually get with laces.

It has a tough rubber sole with a multi-directional pattern. Again, it would’ve been better if this shoe had a herringbone pattern, but with raised ridges and big grooves, this pattern also does a good job on the court.

Collar and tongue of the shoe are not heavily padded, but they provided a relatively tough control on the ankles – heel counter is another plus.

What we liked
  • Highly Breathable
  • Dual Lockdown
  • Good Ankle Support
  • Tough Rubber Outsole
What We didn't like
  • Breaking In Required
  • Padding Could be Better


Adidas Dame 5: Comfortable Ankle Support Shoes

This is the first Adidas shoe in this list and apart from good ankle support, there are many other reasons why you’d consider buying a pair of Dame 5.

Let us start with many colorways that are available; depending on those colorways, you can always choose between materials that offer either durability or breathability. Also, with all these vibrant colors and the overall look and feel of this shoe, you can use it for purposes other than basketball as well.

It is a low-collar sneaker – but do not let this make you think that this sneaker does not provide good ankle protection. It has a good amount of padding and a collar that covers the entirety of your ankle to protect it from injuries.

The one that I’ve chosen has a 100% breathable upper material; it is made of textile and synthetic combo. This makes things interesting because it is neither too fragile like mesh nor unbreathable like leather or faux leather.

This colorway has got a tough rubber outsole which is considered the best kind of outsole for traction. However, in case you pick any other colorway, you might have to go with a translucent rubber sole which is not as good as a tough one.

The herringbone pattern on a tough rubber sole makes this sneaker a must-have for those who know the value of traction on a clean/slippery court.

What we liked
  • Textile and Synthetic Upper
  • Best Traction Combo
  • Bounce Cushion
  • Decent Ankle Support
What We didn't like
  • Not Ideal for Wide Feet
  • Collar Could be Bigger


Adidas Ankle Support D.O.N. Issue #1

Another entry from Adidas – Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 is a basketball sneaker made for those who always wanted more from their basketball sneakers. You can pick any of its colorways and wear this shoe to an urban/casual gathering.

The upper material of this shoe is 100% textile – while they did not opt for mesh, they also refrained from turning this sneaker into another air-tight long-lasting shoe. It is breathable and still more durable than mesh.

It has got a tough rubber sole and a herringbone pattern on it. This is the best traction combo that you can get.

The padding on its satisfyingly raised tongue and the collar is more than enough to protect your ankle.

What we liked
  • Synthetic Textile Upper
  • Good Lockdown
  • Made for Strong Grip on Court
  • Good Ankle Support
What We didn't like
  • Ankle Support Could be Better
  • Cushioning can be Improved


Nike LeBron Soldier 13: Cheap Ankle Support Basketball Shoes

Making a list of top basketball shoes for ankle support, you cannot mention Nike LeBron Soldier – this variant of this very well-known basketball sneaker made by Nike is the best for ankle support.

How come?

Well, this sneaker has a high collar/tongue and other than these two things, what makes it super awesome for ankle support is its lockdown system.

In terms of padding, the collar and the tongue are not as blessed as Adidas D.O.N. Issue#1, but then plush padding is not preferred by many. Rest assured that a high tongue and raised collar with a strong grip will protect your ankle.

The Velcro straps lockdown system with the top strap covering all the area from heel to the front of feet gets ahold of the ankle and helps keep it from moving.

The tough rubber sole with herringbone pattern assures that you’d not easily slip on a clean court and your grip will remain solid. A Zoom Air unit cushioning is like a cherry on the top.

What we liked
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • High-top Tongue and Collar
  • Hook and Loop Lockdown
  • Best Traction Combo
What We didn't like
  • Not made for Users Bent on Durability
  • Slightly Uncomfortable Cushioning


Adidas Pro Elevate: Nice Ankle Support

Adidas Pro Elevate is one of those sneakers that you cannot miss out while making a list of basketball shoes with good ankle support.

Apart from the ankle support that this sneaker provides with its ‘elevated’ tongue and collar, there are many other qualities that make it the kind of shoe that basketball players seriously consider buying.

It is made for court – and it says it all with its simplistic design and colorways.

It has a hot-mesh overlay that makes the shoe 100% breathable while not compromising over durability.

It has a tough rubber sole which is considered ideal for traction (no ankle protection if your shoe does not have a solid grip) and as far as the pattern is considered it is a bit similar to herringbone but not the same.

The layers of padding on collar ensure that your tendon will remain safe from injuries and a raised tongue with optimum padding protects the other side of the foot. The collar extends its padding to both sides of the ankle leaving no space for a sprain.

What we liked
  • Breathable Material
  • Satisfactory Ankle Support
  • Good Traction
  • Cloudfoam Cushioning
What We didn't like
  • Not Good for Wide Feet
  • A little bit Heavy


Reebok Shaq Attaq

If I had to add one sneaker from Reebok to a review of 10 basketball shoes for ankle support, Reebok’s Shaq Attaq would be that only sneaker.


Well, in case you’re super insecure about your ankle, you have had an ankle injury and you want to be careful now or you just want a castle for a basketball sneaker, Shaq Attaq is the shoe to go for.

Also – it is a fashion sneaker. It comes in strikingly beautiful colors and whichever of them you choose, you’d see the same features and same level of ankle comfort and protection.

It is a high collar/tongue sneaker with an unbreathable synthetic material that is known for protection and durability.

It has a tough rubber sole with a random pattern – most of which is based on herringbone waves. It has got more than needful padding on collar and tongue; not only your ankle but your Achilles tendon and exterior retinaculum stay cladded in padding.

What we liked
  • 100% Synthetic Upper
  • Best for Ankle Protection
  • Great Traction
  • Removable Insole
What We didn't like
  • Problem with Pumps
  • Unbreathable


Under Armour Jet

UA’s Jet is one of the best basketball sneakers made by this company. It is a mid-top sneaker so while it does not ‘fortify’ your ankle as good as high-tops do, it is still better than low-top ones.

The upper material used on this shoe is something between 100% textile and leather – it is very durable, but it is also good at wicking sweat and drying real quick.

It has got a tough rubber sole with a unique pattern – it is a rhombus-like pattern that is not as good as herringbone pattern, but because of deep grooves, it assures really good control on clean courts.

The padding on its tongue and collar is good enough to not let your ankle move a lot and protect it against impact.

What we liked
  • Textile Upper
  • Tough Rubber Sole
  • Enough Ankle Protection
  • EVA Cushioning
What We didn't like
  • Insufficient Padding on Tongue
  • Breathability Depends on Colorways


Nike Kyrie Flytrap II

Another version of Nike Kyrie – well, Flytrap II is a perfect basketball sneaker made for ankle protection.

It is a mid-top shoe with enough elevation that the well-padded collar covers the ankle and keeps it from moving.

It has got a highly breathable (but durable) mesh upper that covers the thin foam underlay. This choice makes it less vulnerable than mesh-only uppers and it still wicks sweat and dries quickly.

It has got a semi-herringbone pattern on a tough rubber sole. This should go without saying that you would not slip even on a clean and slippery court.

Nike Zoom unit in the midsole ensures shock absorption that you need in order to protect your ankles from the shock at the time of impact.

What we liked
  • Breathable Upper
  • Nicely Padded Collar
  • Zoom Air Cushioning
  • Tough Rubber Sole
What We didn't like
  • Needs Breaking In
  • Cushioning is Tough


How to Choose Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes?

I know that you’ve been drooling over each and every of the 10 ankle support basketball shoes that I’ve reviewed so far.

But you also want to know what to look for when buying basketball sneakers for ankle support.

This buyer’s guide covers all those points and it has been written keeping in mind that you want a sneaker for ankle support and not just any good basketball sneaker.

Sit pretty and read it slowly …


So, unlike starting it with the usual must-haves e.g. traction or cushion, I start it with the tongue. The tongue plays a major role in ankle protection and in the end, it all boils down to whether the tongue is nicely padded or not.


Before ever we jump to padding, we need to know how your sneaker’s tongue protects your ankle.

The tongue of the shoe presses against the exterior retinaculum and thus pushes back that part and that’s where collar does the same thing.

Both of them keep the ankle in a tight space where it cannot move. When the ankle cannot move a lot, it means that it has little to no chances of getting fractured or sprained.

A mid-top or high-top tongue is what you need and you cannot opt for a low-top one unless it has very good padding or the right type of shape or padding for the above-mentioned job.


Unlike tongue, the only job of the collar is not to keep the ankle in a strong grip and keep it from moving.

The collar takes ankle protection to a whole different level.

First of all, it pushes the Achilles tendon to stop the ankle from moving a lot, and secondly, in case of good high-top and mid-top sneakers like Jet Mid, it protects the ankle from impact as well.

A thickly padded ankle like Reebok Shaq Attaq works like a protective layer of foam and thus does not let your ankle feel the impact in case someone’s foot or any other object hits it.

The best kind of combination is where the collar and tongue both meet each other and complete a protective ring or circle around the ankle.


Apparently, there is no link between traction and ankle support. The purpose of the outsole is to make sure that you enjoy a good grip even on a clean/slippery court.

This is what you need for the sack of winning, for your quick moves, crossovers, and when you jump and land back on the ground.


This is where things get tricky.

In case you have a shoe with insufficient traction (translucent sole with inapparent grooves or a failed pattern), you would slip easily, and when you slip you are at your highest risk to badly hurt your ankle.

So much so that it can render you misfit for the game – for a temporary, long-term, or even permanent basis.

So, you need a shoe with great traction so you can take this out of your way. Once you know that you cannot slip but only once in a blue moon, you can take care of other aspects of ankle protection.

A tough rubber sole with very apparent and deep grooves is your best shot – for pattern, I would recommend herringbone pattern over all other patterns.


This is about the impact and shock absorption.

There is a reason why I added traction and cushioning to this buyer’s guide. You know why traction is important for ankles; now is the time to know what cushioning can do.

Just like good traction keeps you from losing balance even on slippery courts, good cushioning save your behind when you jump to dunk the hoop and your feet hit the ground.

Landing on someone else’s foot or losing to the impact can be detrimental for your balance and as a result, you can end up spraining your ankle.

In case of poor or insufficient cushioning, shock always reaches the ankle, and even if you do not have a fall, you can end up injuring it.

So, a sneaker with the best cushioning is the best investment you will make.

What is the best cushioning? Well, go for proprietary cushions provided by different brands. If you love Nike, buy a sneaker with a full-length Zoom Air unit.

If you like Adidas, go for a shoe with Boost or Bounce cushioning – so on and so forth.


Before, I give my verdict and tell you the names of 3 best sneakers for ankle support, here is a table to put things in perspective.

NamesTraction/OutsoleCushionTongue/Collar Padding
Under Armour Lockdown 4Solid rubber soleUnderfoot court feelThick padding
Air Jordan Legacy 312Tough rubber soleZoom AirThick padding
Nike Kyrie 5Tough rubber soleFoamModest padding
Adidas Dame 5Tough rubber soleBounceModest padding
Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1Tough rubber soleBounceThick padding
Nike LeBron Soldier 13 SFGTough rubber soleZoom AirModest padding
Adidas Pro ElevateTough rubber soleCloudfoamThick padding
Reebok Shaq AttaqTough rubber soleInjection-molded EVAThick padding
Under Armour JetTough rubber soleEVAModest padding
Nike Kyrie Flytrap IITough rubber soleZoom AirModest padding


And here is the verdict …

  • Air Jordan Legacy 312tough rubber sole, thick padding, and best cushion
  • Under Armour Lockdown 4tough rubber sole, sufficient cushion, and thick padding
  • Reebok Shaq Attaqbest high-top, extremely padded and decent cushion


You can pick any three of them, or widen the group and pick from the 10 that I’ve reviewed in this post – and for the most demanding ones, go use our buyer’s guide to pick the sneakers made for best ankle protection.

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