Adidas CrazyQuick 3

The Adidas Crazyquick III is a new Adidas shoe that offers maximum support and flexibility. Adidas claims that this type of shoes provides the feel of real leather while at the same time keeping the cushioning as a feature of the shoe which makes it so comfortable for your feet.

Adidas calls this as the Advanced Comfort System and the Vibram rubber outsole which are similar to the Dura-Ace and Ultra Boost shoes. The CrazyQuick III is the third basketball shoe of Adidas.

This type of shoes is made for all basketball players because it has the energy return system which helps in absorbing the shock of your foot against the floor.

Adidas Crazyquick III Review. CrazyQuick III is a basketball shoe for both men and women. The CrazyQuick III is also available in different colors. It has a nice and supportive outsole with Vibram rubber sole for a shock absorption system.

It also has an innovative height control system which provides maximum stability when you jump on the basketball court. It is one of the most flexible shoes which allows for maximum flexibility, ventilation, and breathability while making your feet comfortable and safe from any kind of harm.

The CrazyQuick III is extremely flexible, comfortable and it gives full support. Adidas claims that this shoe provides the comfort and support on par with the Dura-Ace, Ultra Boost, and one of the best basketball shoes of all time, Madi Madrid.

It is a shoe designed specifically for the professional basketball player which can be purchased online at this Adidas website or any other store offering these kinds of shoes. You can get the pair of Adidas CrazyQuick III with your choice of color at the price of $220. Other retailers selling these shoes are also available.

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