Adidas Gil Zero

For the last couple of years, Adidas Gil Zero and Nike Free have been the top two basketball shoes in the market. Adidas has been the leader when it comes to basketball sneakers for quite some time now.

These shoes are so popular because they provide excellent performance, stylish looks, and of course, great comfort. But what’s the secret behind their success? Let’s find out!

One of the best reasons why these basketball shoes have become so popular is because of their lightweight and breathability. Both Adidas and Nike have invested a lot of effort into making these shoes super comfortable.

The result is that even players who don’t usually wear basketball shoes can get comfortable with these shoes after wearing them for a while. These shoes are also very lightweight.

Compared to other basketball shoes that come with multiple material layers, the Adidas Gil Zero and Nike Free are very light on the feet. In fact, they are so light that you won’t feel a single ounce of weight in your feet while playing. This is what makes the shoe extremely comfortable.

Another reason why these shoes are so light is that they aren’t really made from leather or suede, but rather from textile materials. Each pair of these shoes is a mesh fabric that has a unique cotton pattern all over it. It really gives the shoes a soft feel on the foot.

For basketball, these shoes are perfect. They don’t slip or slide, which is especially important in a basketball court. Adidas Gil Zero and Nike Free are so light because they are made with low-density fabrics which allow the shoes to be very lightweight yet give players total control over the shoe.

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