Adidas Light Em Up 2

Adidas Light Em Up 2 is one of the most recent basketball shoes to be released. Being an Adidas product, there are many factors that are considered when making a review on it. One of the main factors that would influence its overall rating is its price.

Its cheap price makes it easily accessible to just about anyone. Most basketball players that can afford it actually find it comfortable to play in, but a high amount of costly features make it expensive enough for those that can’t afford it.

The Adidas Light Em Up 2 is made up of leather and looks like it has a dark purple color. Its design is a lot like that of a sneaker. Its great comfort feature was recognized by many reviewers, especially when trying it on.

The sole is flexible so it won’t stick to the floor, which makes it the perfect shoe for a player to wear in order to play. It is also quite affordable, which gives it a great availability.

The Nike Air Max Lite is a good shoe that many would consider being more popular than Adidas Light Em Up 2. Its design is just like that of Adidas’ Light Em Up 2.

Although the difference is it is a lot lighter, and a lower amount of costly features that you will find in it, its great comfort feature is also a big plus. However, there are many reviewers that believe that it lacks the flexibility of the Air Max Lite.

This is mainly because of the fact that it is made up of a lot of rubber. For those that want a shoe that can give them a comfortable feel, and one that is flexible, then Nike Air Max Lite is what you would want to choose.

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