Air Jordan 31

This was written before I even got my hands on the Air Jordan 31. I have had it for a week and cannot believe how good it is! Its lightweight, great airflow, as well as incredible cushioning! It feels great to wear. Now I am in love with this shoe, this one is good.

First I wanted to check out these basketball shoes for myself. So I walked around downtown Sacramento to the local mall and when I told a man I was going to play in a few pairs of basketball shoes I was like wow, all I have ever played with have been tennis sneakers.

Now I think I look good in them. I was able to get some pictures and reviews of these shoes to share with you. I have to say that the speaker doesn’t last long. It’s been like I had just stepped on it for only a few minutes.

After I was done with my basketball shoes I checked out what was available in the market. The best thing about these basketball shoes is the ability to play indoor or outdoor games in them. They are comfortable and stylish.

The uppers are covered in high-density foam to help with comfort and you can also get a glow in the dark material. But the most important feature of these basketball shoes is that they offer support in every direction.

I found it very difficult to roll my ankle in any direction but backward. I also noticed that I was able to get all-day use out of them and my foot stayed flat which can be pretty rare in basketball shoes.

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