Air Jordan 34

This Air Jordan 34 is the newest edition of the famous basketball shoes. The model of these shoes is a white and black color combination. The outer part of the shoe is constructed with suede and it has a one-piece upper that’s covered with leather.

The sole of the basketball shoes is made from real leather and the ankle strap is made from synthetic material.

The other features of this basketball shoes are the straps that have a loop, the tongue of the shoes has buckled, and the tongue of the Air Jordan 34 is covered with glow in the dark.

All these features are really nice to look at especially for people who like to wear stylish shoes but also enjoy the game of basketball.

The overall design of these basketball shoes is attractive and sexy. They are manufactured with a high quality of materials and it has a shock-absorbing capacity. Even though these basketball shoes look nice but they are also extremely comfortable.

Some people might say that Air Jordan 34 is not quite perfect but it still has the quality and the performance. It has got stability so the feet can have good comfort and some people may feel comfortable especially if they’re wearing a pair of these shoes.

The shoes also have got the quickness so you will be able to get your feet up fast. Air Jordan sneakers are made up of suede, leather, and rubber that make them light and airy.

The finish of these basketball shoes is really smooth and it will really give your feet a nice feeling. The Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are made up of an amazing elastic material that allows air to pass through it easily. The gel in the middle of the shoe helps with the cushioning.

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