Anta Luis Scola

Anta Luis Scola is a brand of basketball shoes that was established in 1989. Its creation was one of the most remarkable stories in the industry. To say that the basketball shoe industry has changed in the last few years would be an understatement.

Before, the basketball shoe industry was very conservative. There were just a few names that were there and the basketball shoes came in different brands, shapes, and sizes.

For a while, the basketball shoe companies operated on a business model of having the highest basketball shoes sell the most basketball shoes and the highest sales figures were good enough for survival.

But times have changed and now the basketball shoes are far more than a matter of popularity. These shoes not only have to make a name for themselves but the basketball shoes must be high quality and dependable.

Anta Luis Scola has managed to accomplish both in one shoe. They started off with basketball shoes that were only around the size of a standard size 12 sneaker. The basketball shoes were made of fabric material and the basketball shoes were designed for better performance and comfort.

Today, the basketball shoes from Anta Luis Scola are much bigger and they have a better grip on the court. The basketball shoes have a soft rubber sole and their design makes it very easy for players to stand on.

The shoes also feature a shock absorber that allows players to perform the moves without taking their foot off the ground. Anta Luis Scola basketball shoes are not made of cloth, it is made of pure leather.

The leather material is of such high quality that many of the players from the team at Anta Luis Scola sports company are still wearing their shoes.

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