Converse Wade 2

The Converse Wades 2 has an all-around performance for the basketball player. It is a very comfortable shoe, it has a very comfortable insole and its cushioning has a very good feeling. The sole of the shoe is thick, which gives this shoe a lot of traction. The traction is very good and I have had a lot of success with it on my bare feet. The quick-change technology is amazing.

The comfort of the Converse Wade 2 is amazing. It is lightweight, yet the materials used are very durable. The tongue and heel of the shoe are extremely comfortable. The cushioning on the foot and the heel of the shoe are great. The different colors are nice and give this shoe a very stylish look. It has a high collar that is comfortable to wear, but you can also get a non-collar version. The high collar is just about perfect for any active player.

The comfort level of the Converse Wade 2 is great. The durability is fantastic. These features should be incorporated into every high-quality basketball shoe out there. So when you buy these shoes, make sure that you get a good pair that will last for years to come. The heel pull is not very comfortable, but it works really well in the snow. The only negative I can think of about the Converse Wade 2 is that you cannot get a suede finish, which is a big downside to any basketball shoe.

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