New Balance OMN1S

The New Balance OMN1S is a quality running shoe that will improve your running performance. It is a midfoot lift running shoe that has a molded EVA midsole and three distinct areas in its forefoot. These areas help the runner in creating the correct “foot strike” during running.

This type of running shoe will help to provide more cushioning, with a firmer upper, and it will also give the runner a better midfoot hit with the tread pattern being changed for better weight distribution.

While the main purpose of the New Balance OMNIS is to improve your running performance, this shoe has other benefits such as being lightweight and its flexibility. It can be worn while playing basketball as well as tennis.

The adjustable EVA midsoles to give you extra cushioning, which improves your gameplay by reducing the effect of muscle fatigue. This particular style of basketball shoe also comes with a Vibram rubber outsole for better grip.

For those who are looking for a great pair of basketball shoes that are designed for the gym, then the New Balance OMNI S is for you. It provides your feet with extra cushioning, better foot strike, and the rubber traction area on the outsole reduces blisters. It is made with advanced materials, such as mesh and EVA, which will last longer than typical shoes.

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