Nike Air Max Body U

The Nike Air Max Body U is an exceptional basketball shoe that provides excellent support and low weight for a great performance. This shoe from Nike features a mesh upper and rubber sole.

The upper is lightweight with gel lining to protect against sore feet. The rubber sole has extra traction and a non-marking rubber outsole. The Air Max Body U also offers support and traction for a great feeling while playing the game of basketball.

The technology mesh upper gives the shoe extra support and control while on the court. The cushioned insole also helps the player to maintain an appropriate level of comfort.

The included grip-aiding midsole provides stability and durability while maintaining control and traction. With the patent-pending sock-like outsole, the player can have a smooth transition while running or jumping. It also features a safety latch for protection and slip-resistance.

The upper utilizes memory foam for a more natural feel. It is lightweight and easy to move in and out of the shoes. The Nike Air Max Body U is manufactured with a good material composition that is flexible and lightweight.

It offers support for great sports performance. The basketball shoes are perfect for wearing during practice and games. They provide ultimate comfort and all the benefits of an air-cushioned shoe with the added resistance and speed that are offered by the rubber outsole.

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