Nike Kyrie 4

Kyrie 4 is the shoe that inspired those of us who were waiting for the next big thing in basketball shoe technology. Kyrie’s running style has always been a favorite among basketball fans everywhere and Kyrie 4 is simply the next logical step from the Kyrie series. It’s fast, it’s light, it’s comfortable, and it’s the lightest of all the Kyrie shoes in this series. The Kyrie 4 is perfect for those of us who are just starting to work our way up on the NBA’s financial ladder, or even just a newcomer to the game. The shoes are quite light and you won’t find yourself sliding down the court.

While the Kyrie shoes have long been known for their quality performance and comfort, Nike has improved upon all those aspects to make sure they’re never lacking in anything. From the ground, up the Nike Kyrie 4 is made out of a mesh fabric that allows for the perfect balance between flexibility and support. That means you can go right back and forth from casual to play-off style, or not at all, depending on how you want to feel on the court. There’s nothing to get out of whack in the way of comfort; just put your feet into the shoe, pop them in, and go. If you’re tired of the sport’s culture sneaker culture then the Nike Kyrie 4 will help you change the way you look at the shoe, the sport, and the sneaker industry as a whole. Go ahead and try them on in advance of Christmas, because you’re going to be a fan of Kyrie this year!

Nike Kyrie is simply one of the best shoes ever made, and it’s made all the more fantastic by the fact that Nike has incorporated all new technologies into the Kyrie 4. First of all, Nike made the entire Kyrie shoe from a single piece of material, and from the stitching to the laces, they’ve done it again. Second, the shoe is built with a mesh upper to create the perfect fit and to provide the ultimate cushioning. It feels great too and is made out of a light material that lets your feet breathe while you’re out there playing, but not allow the air out. Last, Nike has added new features to the Kyrie 4 to make it more comfortable than ever. They’ve made the side panels slimmer so they’re easier to slip on and off and added a vent in the heel to keep you cooler and dry. Kyrie 4 will give you the best basketball comfort ever.

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