Nike Lunar Hypergamer

There are two things that you need to consider when choosing a basketball shoe. The first is that the shoes must be comfortable for you and give you support. I have personally tried about twenty different basketball shoes in my time and most of them weren’t very comfortable for me.

Most of the shoes seemed to cut down on my circulation, making it hard for me to move freely. Not only that, but some of the shoes were just so uncomfortable that I just couldn’t wear them for any length of time at all.

Most basketball shoes will provide more support than just cushioning. This can mean less energy spent in bouncing off the ground during a game. It also means less strain on your ankles and feet.

However, the great thing about the Nike Lunar Hypergamer is that it has both. The rubber outsole on this basketball shoe actually cushions your foot for maximum comfort while walking and running.

On the other hand, the midsole of the shoe itself provides some much-needed shock absorption and traction control. Even with all the support provided by the rubber and midsole, the Hypergamer is still lightweight for being a basketball shoe.

The biggest thing that I love about these basketball shoes is that it isn’t quite as restrictive as I think many basketball shoes would be. With most basketball shoes I’ve tried I’m either too stiff or too loose and all my movements were controlled by the air that I could barely breathe through.

I would end up with bad posture, and a lot of painful muscles. These shoes aren’t perfect but they’re definitely a great addition to any basketball shoe collection.

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