Nike PG 3

Nike PG 3 is the latest basketball shoe that has been developed by Nike. These shoes are designed to meet the growing demand of players in different levels of basketball.

This basketball shoe is not just a basic basketball shoe but also an advanced one and hence is chosen mostly by players. This shoe is light in weight, which allows the player to move with the ball easily.

Moreover, the ball rolls over the ball with less force when the ball is worn on the foot. This is the first tennis and golf shoes, which have got the innovations which makes the ball rolling easily even on the level of nonprofessional players.

There are a number of other innovative features like the FlexDock which makes the grip easy on the court. The bridge of the shoe has got the heel cushions which have got the comfort level of every player.

Some other features of this basketball shoe include the well-cushioned upper which makes the player feel comfortable on the court and gives a natural bounce. This is the only basketball shoe that has got the uphill which provides cushion and confidence to the player.

This is the basketball shoe that has got all the features that are required by the players to be comfortable while playing the game. The nonslip sole, which can make the player move freely with the ball and helps him to reach high.

The one main feature that makes the players feel comfortable while using the shoe is the air control technology. The Nike PG 3 contains cushioning of the feet which are soft.

The Nike PG 3 shoes are made to meet the changing demands of the players and thus are introduced in the market. Nike PG 3 is available at a very low price and one can get the best deal by searching in the online market.

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