Nike Zoom Live 2

The Nike Zoom Live 2 is a high-performance basketball shoe. This is an exceptional product from Nike which gives every player a distinct advantage. The Zoom Air technology in this basketball shoe is of the highest quality and has plenty of innovative features, which make it one of the best basketball shoes available. This makes it quite a powerful feature, which provides a strong grip on the floor, thanks to its rubber support pattern. It also has a unique angle out heel.

The sole design is also of great importance for a shoe and thus, we must get a review of the shoe. In this case, the shoe has a good grip on hard surfaces. This is due to Zoom Air, which offers extra grip on hard surfaces and enhances the running and jumping abilities of the athlete. The width is also exceptional in this shoe, which provides maximum comfort for the wearer. The shoe is however not very lightweight which may affect the performance level of the basketball player. These factors have to be considered while buying this shoe.

The comfort level of the shoes has to be taken into consideration before the review is conducted. Most sportsmen tend to move around the court, without minding about the comfort factor. So, while reviewing these shoes, we have to take note of how much support the foot receives, as well as how comfortable the wearer feels when playing. There are some highly regarded reviews that give feedback of basketball players after a session of playing. The instructions provided by the review team to make it easy for the reader to understand the inner workings of the shoes. So, make sure that you opt for a review that is reliable and impartial.

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