Reebok Question 2

I bought the Reebok Question 2 last year because I wanted to try something new and different. It was a nice midsole for basketball shoes, but my feet were really small.

The Adidas Samba was too much, so I looked into other basketball shoes that are a little on the smaller side. Reebok Question 2 fits me fine, but it is a bit short for me. So I figured I would look at some reviews online so I could make sure that this was the shoe for me.

First of all, this is not the highest quality basketball shoes. It is about as high as you can go in this department. They are a little bit cheaper than some of the other basketball shoes on the market today, but the quality is pretty average at best.

The upper portion of the shoe is made out of synthetic material, which means that it does not look like real leather. The shoe has a rubber sole, which is the same rubber as you would expect to find on a cheap pair of cheap shoes.

Overall, these are not a bad shoe, but they do not offer a lot of quality when it comes to design. I am fairly confident that this is the lowest priced basketball shoe on the market. I guess that can be good, as there are a lot of people that want to try them out before buying them.

But I am not sure that you should buy one of these shoes, as they do not offer much in the way of comfort. The balls on the soles of these shoes are a little bit too soft.

This means that you can easily get blisters when you run or play basketball. There are not many people that would be willing to buy this shoe, as the quality is average at best.

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