Under Armour Anatomix Spawn

The Under Armour Anatomix Spawn is the ideal all-purpose running shoe that also works great for basketball and volleyball. It is rated as one of the top athletes in their sports. It is made with tough materials and only the best leathers that are used.

The shoe has a thick sole that is padded for extra cushioning. The company also offers a low profile tongue design for a flexible fit. This allows players to have more ankle support when running or jumping on the court. The support and ability to move easily make this a great choice for basketball and volleyball.

The midsole is flexible and it gives a lightweight feel that supporting the ball and the player’s foot. It is made with DuraLite and Neoprene for ultimate traction and protection from debris and scratches.

The heel is very responsive and allows the player to have better control. The pivot system is designed to ensure maximum shock absorption. The use of the long-lasting shoe is recommended to players with ankle problems.

The Under Armour Anatomix Spawn has a great support system with its five arch supports. The insoles help to hold the wheels in place and provide extra support. There is plenty of support on the outside of the basketball shoe and this provides maximum cushioning.

The visco-elastic support system also helps to keep the feet in the correct position and provide extra traction. The footbed is great and provides extra comfort that is used to give the right level of support.

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